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Date: Mon Aug 09 2004 - 09:49:53 EDT

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    I have amended "Graham"'s text below. You can usually tell the people who
    have no argument to stand on...they don't use their last names.
    "Graham" spewed something that really means:
    It would be interesting to know why paranoids are so "addicted" to
    reporting threats to national security.
    Do members see this as a fun game to see how many people they can upset
    purely for the sake of it?, or maybe they see themselves as
    "defenders of the faith", or do they feel the sky is falling.
    Who actually checks thier accusations?, what is the benefit of constantly
    upsetting the public?
    As the "change the truth" article states some agitators have made 150,000
    plus accusations over a decade or more; this is a deep commitment
    which must have a driving motivation.
    I would suggest that all people who care about freedom of scientific thought
    do look at all angles of this lunacy as it may well prove to be it is not
    your own opinion that matters, but others who believe they alone have the
    entitlement to act.
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