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From: Graham (
Date: Mon Aug 09 2004 - 10:33:55 EDT

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    Silly of you brad, you didn't read my earlier approval of tracking!!.
    I have a 12" meade LX200 and run Satellite Tracker,with a Canon 300D
    with a 000.3 Lux Video cam,does that sound like someone who's anti
    freedom of space??.
    My reason for no surname,i may be more involved than
    you think.
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    > I have amended "Graham"'s text below. You can usually tell the people who
    > have no argument to stand on...they don't use their last names.
    > "Graham" spewed something that really means:
    > It would be interesting to know why paranoids are so "addicted" to
    > reporting threats to national security.
    > Do members see this as a fun game to see how many people they can upset
    > purely for the sake of it?, or maybe they see themselves as
    > "defenders of the faith", or do they feel the sky is falling.
    > Who actually checks thier accusations?, what is the benefit of constantly
    > upsetting the public?
    > As the "change the truth" article states some agitators have made 150,000
    > plus accusations over a decade or more; this is a deep commitment
    > which must have a driving motivation.
    > I would suggest that all people who care about freedom of scientific
    > do look at all angles of this lunacy as it may well prove to be it is not
    > your own opinion that matters, but others who believe they alone have the
    > entitlement to act.
    > ..
    > Graham
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