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Date: Mon Aug 09 2004 - 11:03:54 EDT

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    In theory, just as prior to NASA getting out of the TLE business, anyone should be able to get access to the USAF space catalog by submitting a Form 1 request form from the USSTRATCOM website.  You just can't do it anonymously. I don't know what else they may do with your contact information, but everyone's welcome to try.  You can look here: for more information.
    I say we do away with all dual use technology.  Let's all go back to living naked on the open plains.  Remember, even that pointy stick can be used against you if you drop it.
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    Allen Thomson wrote:
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    > Note, by the way, that the present question of TLE availability *doesn't*
    > affect the satellites the government is annoyed about.
    Except that TLEs & identifications for the non-secret objects allow 
    their elimination from consideration - what's left are the secret 
    satellites which somebody might want to hide from, or whatever.
    Ed Davies.
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