Re: reasons for tracking

From: Allen Thomson (
Date: Mon Aug 09 2004 - 11:40:53 EDT

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    > Except that TLEs & identifications for the non-secret objects allow  their
    elimination from consideration - what's left are the secret  satellites
    which somebody might want to hide from, or whatever.
    Presumably the secret satellites that are currently in track would remain in
    track,  so the problem would come with new launches and UNIDs in general.
    That's a question I'd like to see the experienced observers/analysts discuss
    a bit:  Undoubtedly the large files resulting from OIG compilations are very
    useful in IDing UNIDs, but are they absolutely indispensable?
    After all, a TLE resulting from visual obserations is, in essence, a vector
    in a seven-dimensional feature space that isn't all that densily
    populated --  that gives a lot of discrimination capability right there. Add
    visual magnitude, light curve, maybe color, azimuth and times of known
    launches, etc., and I think the exclusion part of the ID problem may be less
    formidable that it first seems.
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