Re: N Korea needs us!

From: Markus Mehring (
Date: Tue Aug 10 2004 - 11:38:08 EDT

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    On Wed, 11 Aug 2004 00:11:06 +1000, you ("Graham"
    <>) wrote:
    >Maybe you could go to Afghanistan, start a training  camp and wave at all
    >the Keyhole sats?.Then duck when the smart bomb hits you.
    In all likelihood you could indeed do just that, since the smartbomb that
    hits you there in would most likely either have been fired from a UCAV, or
    at least guided based on UAV recon data (and GPS). Both UCAVs and UAVs are
    dispatched to/in the currently interesting theaters of operation, and UAVs
    contribute a great deal of tactical intelligence, to an extent and
    feasibility that they tend to render "classic" imaging from space obsolete.
    Also there's not much logic in your "training camp" analogy, since such
    camps are relatively permanent installations and cannot be simply hidden
    whenever a KH happens to pass over, nor can they be all that well
    camouflaged to disappear from all practically covered sensor spectrum
    ranges, especially not in terms of an ELINT/SIGINT signature.
    CU!	Markus
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