Video time stamping

From: John Locker (
Date: Wed Aug 11 2004 - 12:01:18 EDT

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    Hi all ,
    Following last weekends double transit , it seems that one of the major
    problems is accurately time stamping each video frame.
    The GPS cordinates can simply be noted down at the site , but with transits
    ,and satellite passes  time accuracy is a must.
    Today I have spent some time exchanging mail with Peter Katreniak . Peter is
    the author of K3CCD tools , a software programme for driving and
    processesing astro video.
    Peter recently added a time stamp facility to his sw , which , during all
    the hubble bubble of the Venus  solar tranist , many of us overlooked.
    It turns out that it is possible to datesatmp collected video frames in the
    format : hh:nn:ss.lll , d.m.yyyy    which gives accuracy to about 250 msec.
    You can see Peters summary here:
    K3CCD is a brilliant capture and processing tool , with everything you need
    , plus more !
    Set up of the time stamp can be a bit fiddly , so if you are having any
    probs , drop me a line.
    Best wishes,
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