Re: alterations to geoflasher list (in particular Cosmos 1030 decay)

From: Robert Holdsworth (
Date: Thu Aug 12 2004 - 12:08:13 EDT

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    Can someone please provide up to date decay predictions for this object? -
    the usual decay sources do not mention it, apart from the Decay Watch page
    which gives a date but no further details as yet.
    (Calsky is  agreeing with Decay Watch for a decay on Aug 16 UTC.)
    Dimensions are as follows:
    Mass: 2030 kg
    Dimensions:  4m  x 2m (cylindrical.)
    Recent elset:
    1 11015U 78083A   04225.45381991  .22233607  00000-0  26057+0 0  9485
    2 11015  61.6997 141.2418 2907020 202.2372 141.0804  9.68359060192081
    We do have some passes of this object (some in daylight)  - though not many
    near perigee- so I would be interested in comments on visibility of this
    decay for the benefit not just for myself but for others with better
    equipment. In particular it appears we may have a perigee pass on August 16
    UTC,  but as stated by Tony "hard to follow!"
     (As we do not have visibility below 10 degrees elevation from most local
    locations owing to hills some of the lower elevation passes may not be able
    to be observed, except possibly by any observers with seaside locations.)
    Thanks and clear skies
    Robert Holdsworth
    New Zealand
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    Subject: alterations to geoflasher list
    > At the same time I have removed Cosmos 1030 ( 11015) as it
    > it now has such a large drag it would be hard to follow.
    > I bring it to list memebers attention. The current perigee
    > is just south of the equator and at only 105Km, so the drag is
    > large. Here are the latest 5 elsets from OIG. It will oviously decay
    > much closer to the equator than most of the molniya orbit objects.
    (Old TLEs not quoted as they are no longer of relevance)
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