Re: Delta IV Heavy demo flight profile, nanosats

From: Jonathan McDowell (
Date: Fri Aug 13 2004 - 09:36:51 EDT

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    Allen, the nanosats are Sparky and Ralphie, the two
    nanosats of the Three-Corner-Sat mission by U.Colorado-Boulder,
    Arizona State and New Mexico State. They will do stereo
    earth imaging with four digital cameras on each satellite,
    and will test a low-shock separation system.     
     They were originally part of Nanosat-2, and were a stack
    of three (Petey is now staying on the ground) next to
    another stack of three called ION-F, the two stacks were
    to be deployed from Shuttle. With Shuttle grounded,
    the 3CS team decided to take the Delta flight opp; the ION-F web pages are
    very out of date so I'm guessing that project is in limbo.
    Sparky and Ralphie are more formally 3CS-1 and 3CS-2, 
    and are 16 kg hexagonal cylinders about 0.25m high.
     - Jonathan
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