Re: Delta IV Heavy demo flight profile, nanosats

From: Tony Beresford (
Date: Fri Aug 13 2004 - 10:33:29 EDT

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    At 23:06 13/08/04, Jonathan McDowell wrote:
    >Allen, the nanosats are Sparky and Ralphie, the two
    >nanosats of the Three-Corner-Sat mission by U.Colorado-Boulder,
    >Arizona State and New Mexico State. They will do stereo
    >earth imaging with four digital cameras on each satellite,
    >and will test a low-shock separation system.     
    > They were originally part of Nanosat-2, and were a stack
    >of three (Petey is now staying on the ground) next to
    >another stack of three called ION-F, the two stacks were
    >to be deployed from Shuttle. With Shuttle grounded,
    >the 3CS team decided to take the Delta flight opp; the ION-F web pages are
    >very out of date so I'm guessing that project is in limbo.
    >Sparky and Ralphie are more formally 3CS-1 and 3CS-2, 
    The GEO insertion burn is some 240 seconds long. Anybody care to guess
    the longitude and whether its over the nightside of the Earth. Should be an interesting sight if it
    was. Also a second short event for CCAM burn. 
    Then we have a delta 2nd stage in near GEO. Brighter or fainter than a Centaur?
    Tony Beresford
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