Unexpected Iridium flare

From: Gambaro (gambaro@sympatico.ca)
Date: Sat Aug 14 2004 - 22:29:28 EDT

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    Just observed a -8 flare from Iridium 36 from my location at 45.8379N, 
    73.9162W, at 22:16:09 EDT (02:16:09 august 15 UTC) as predicted by HA.
    About 10 seconds before the flare, I saw a satellite appear, which I 
    thought was Iridium 36, but then at the very same azimuth an elevation, 
    I noticed another satellite which WAS Iridium 36. They were both visible 
    at the same time and both flared almost simultaneously exept the first 
    one's magnitude was probably around -2. The first flare was not 
    predicted on HA. What Iridium was it ? Could it be a solar panel flare ?
    Very nice in any case !
    Pat Gambaro
    Laurentides, Quebec.
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