Unid flasher?

From: Andy Kirkham (andy@spiders-lair.com)
Date: Tue Aug 17 2004 - 07:53:19 EDT

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    Hi All,
    Anyone know of any "flashers" passing close
    (just below) to Hamal then Sheraton at 
    22:57:30 (+/-30secs) UTC 16 Aug as seen from 
    56.091N, 3.163W ??
    Just moved into my new house and was admiring
    the sky view from here (use to live in London)
    when I spotted these flashes. To me they looked
    just like an aeroplane navigation light however,
    two subtle differences: a) there were only three
    flashes after which I was unable to reacquire any
    further occurrence and b) when seeing aeroplanes,
    after the first two flashes I can normally get my
    eyes into a position to see the third clearly but
    the third was "off" a little suggesting the flash
    period was not as regular as a navigation light.
    Just wondering. If it's a sat, it's my first flasher!
    I'm pretty new to sat obs (but pretty familiar with
    "looking up").
    (note to myself... always keep binoculars handy)
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