From: Ed Cannon (ecannon@mail.utexas.edu)
Date: Thu Aug 19 2004 - 05:21:22 EDT

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    Mike searched for at least an hour the other evening in order to
    recover 90019, and quite a few minutes the next evening to pin it 
    down a lot better.  FWIW, here's a position I got a few hours ago:
    UTC 2004-08-19 02:05:21.5 RA 19:37.475 Dec -5.38 (2000)
    I was at the Ney Museum site: 30.307N, 97.727W, 150m.
    How are people planning on tracking if/when the supply of official
    elements is cut down, if not off?  I was thinking that maybe I 
    could get predictions for and watch a well-known small section of 
    sky (e.g., currently, Altair and Tarazed in Aquila, or Delphinus, 
    or Lyra, or the middle of Cygnus, etc.) for whatever goes through 
    it in an evening.  That way I could perhaps get some possibly 
    useful positional measurements.  I'm afraid that this type of
    observing will not be much fun -- very discouraging, if the fun 
    is taken out of it.
    Will a large increase in the need for positional measurements put
    an end to PPAS observing?  I don't think I could combine the two
    much at all.
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