Re: Updated USA 129 elements?

Date: Fri Aug 20 2004 - 05:12:28 EDT

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    More like 20:59 UTC at 65 deg alt below alpha Cephei.
    But the expected period for an orbit raise has started. I have long used 2h 
    45m as the 
    supposed target separation of ascending node times 129/161.
    But as Ted showed in
    the range was +2:37:09 to +2:48:44 in the last two years.
    I have tested an hypothesis that the time or longitude separation at
    40N on the daylight pass was more indicative, but initial tests showed
    only slightly smaller range. But the 2+2 tested indicators do differ
    from each other on each occasion, because of orbit eccentricity 
    and varying perigee locations.
    Today, the separation exceeds 2:38, and will reach 2:48 on Aug.29, so
    we can expect 129 to be about 2 minutes late one day after the reboost, 
    and an additional +2.0 min/day.
    >According to my prediction software USA 129 is due to make a high pass over
    >Devizes tonight at around 21:11 UTC.
    >However my elements are 45 days old so I am uncertain of this.  Does anyone
    >have more a more recent TLE for this sat?
    >Bruce MacDonald
    >Devizes, Wiltshire, UK
    >COSPAR Site 2751
    >51.3440 N 1.9849 W 125m (WGS84)
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