Re: An ISS encounter with Venus and Saturn

From: Tom Wagner (
Date: Sun Aug 22 2004 - 23:05:40 EDT

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    Subject: Re: An ISS encounter with Venus and Saturn
    > I put the listed position and TLE into my program and came up with the
    > following tracks for a Venus crossing. Draw lines on a map to see if the
    > numbers match. According to the results, ISS passed a few arc minutes
    > from Venus at the position given. This would match your description of
    > the event. BTY, I set the results to miles versus kilometers as you are
    > in the US.
    > Denis.
    I put your data for the CelesTrak TLE and for the H-A TLE into my GPS and
    indeed, for the CelesTrak it shows that I was about 0.48 miles too far West
    and for the H-A TLE it shows that I was about 0.67 miles too far W, as far
    as I can tell. I'm trying to figure out how to measure distance using the
    controls on my GPSr and am finding it a bit challenging. The unit
    instructions are all but worthless.
    Thanks for the input.
    Tom  Iowa  USA
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