daylight satellite viewing

From: Alistair (
Date: Tue Aug 31 2004 - 13:55:02 EDT

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    Let me introduce myself.  I'm a student working on my Master's in 
    Applied Physics.  My thesis is  on Daylight Detection of LEO Satellites 
    in Infrared.
    I'm curious as to information about some of the daylight Iridium flares 
    that have been mentioned on some websites.  I've read the background on 
    most of these sites.  What I"m really looking for is information on sky 
    brightness, wavelengths and local sunset/sunrise times.
    More generally, if anyone has some knowledge on non-Iridium flare 
    imaging of satellites in or near daylight conditions, that would be 
    greatly appreciated.
    Dayton, Ohio.
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