Re 2: possible atlas centaur fuel dump

From: Daniel Deak (
Date: Tue Aug 31 2004 - 22:02:52 EDT

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    Daniel Deak wrote:
    > I will analyze a bit more my observation to see how well it matches this 
    > elset. My first sighting was at around 01:15 UTC. It had the shape of a 
    > wide comet tail about 2 degrees long and was slowly drifting toward the 
    > east. Approx coordinates were AD 16h25 and +45 dec.
    Hi again,
    I double checked and the coordinates were more like 17h25 AD and +46 deg. dec.
    This position is for the head of the "comet".
    I simulated the movement of the comet with Ted's last elset and it was about 17 
    minutes early compared to the predicted position and to the right of the 
    predicted track by about 4 degrees.
    An amateur astronomer and experienced observer who lives about 30 km from me saw 
    the same cloud but earlier. At about 01h10, he was outside and spotted it, but 
    he didn't see it appear. It was already there and the shape was more like a ball 
    with 4 or 5 arms that looked like an octopus. It was flashing, according to him, 
    with a period of about 1 second. Then the flashing faded. I didn't see it flash. 
    Magnitude was around 3 and slowly fading as it dissipated.
    It was my fifth fuel dump observation :
    Delta II second stage : 2
    Centaur stage : 2
    Ariane 4 upper stage : 1
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