Strange Cloud Observed

From: Brian Webb (
Date: Tue Aug 31 2004 - 23:33:22 EDT

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    Hi All:
    Someone in Syracuse, New York e-mailed me a report of a stange sighting
    tonight September 1 at either 01:30 or 02:30 UTC. This sounds similar to
    some of the other recent postings on See-Sat. Any ideas what this was?
    "Earlier tonight - starting about 9:30 (ish) EST I observed a small
    puff of a cloud in the sky, in Bootes. It was odd because a few moments
    earlier - in my clear sky - it was not there. I turned my telescope
    towards it for a closer look. In the 25mm eyepiece of my XT10 I saw what
    at first glance would seem to be a comet - tail only and quite pointed,
    possibly a smoke trail (?). There was one point of light at the "tip"
    of  trail, and about three-quarters away in the field of view was
    another point of light. There was nothing between the points of light,
    although they were undoubtly connected. The "cloud" moved through Draco
    eastward, growing fainter. It took only a few seconds for the two points
    of light and the begining of the tail to move out of the field of view.
    Overall speed was comparable to that of an aircraft. The "tail was
    sharply pointed at the aft light and spread out and became fainter and
    more dispersed.  I lost the object when it was directly overhead. I am
    observing from Syracuse and I see no notations of the being any rocket
    launches, although I would guess that to be what this object is. It was
    not a satellite or ISS - the object I observed was only a cloud to the
    naked eye."
    Brian Webb
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