Re: 28646 disappearance not confirmed (yet)

From: Marco Langbroek (
Date: Wed Aug 09 2006 - 04:41:42 EDT

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    PAUL MALEY wrote:
    > Based on reports from Marco and John I have been
    > attempting to confirm the disappearance phenomenon of
    > 28646 myself. 
    > Whatever the cause, the phenomenon must not be
    > commonplace. 
    My not-yet-quite-quantified impression is that bouts of passes with 
    "disappearance tricks" interchange with bouts of "normal" passes. I cannot quite 
    make sense of it yet.
    I made a small survey of reports on the phenomena. So far, at least 7 observers 
    seem to have reported the Lacrosse 5 sudden fainting phenomenon in the period 
    March '06 - August '06:
    * Ed Cannon
    * Ted Molczan (who refers to Greg & Russell as well, seesat messsage March 3)
    * me
    * Pierre Neirinck
    * John Locker
    * Bram Dorreman
    * Nikolay Oleinikov
    The interesting point is that the phenomena seems to be really unique to 
    Lacrosse 5, it is apparently not shown by the other Lacrosses: at least I have 
    never seen these do it (I regularly do see them flare though), nor have I seen 
    reports by others on it. This although the Lacrosses are the main focus of my 
    observing program.
    This mystery has grabbed me, it begs solving.
    Somewhere in the vaults of Cheyenne Mountain someone is laughing his/her butt of 
    about our confusion....  ;-)
    - Marco
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