Re: INMARSAT 4-F1 rocket has a tle, and more More FengYun 1C debris

From: Tony Beresford (
Date: Fri Aug 03 2007 - 10:24:50 EDT

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    At 07:46 PM 2/08/2007, Kevin Fetter wrote:
    >They have released a tle, for the atlas centaur rocket, from the 
    >INMARSAT 4-F1 geo sat launch.
    >Cat number = 32000
    >Considering the apogee of it's orbit, harder to track then other 
    >atlas centaur's. It's apogee is
    >over 80000 km.
    This object turns out to be the object Hj0110 first observed by 
    asteroid observer 678 soon after
    launch utilizing a 70mm lens f2.8 + CCD back in October 2005
    for observations see  bill Gray's Pseudo MPEC  at
    Some seesat-l members should be able to see it as its mostly brighter 
    than mag 13.
    One wonders why it took Spacetrack so long to catalog it
    AS a comment , from this objects orbit I am certain that the payload 
    utilized a super hohmann transfer
    rather than the usual GEO transfer orbit. That is at first apogee the 
    inclination was lowered and
    the perigee raised to near GEO height. Later a rocket firing at 
    perigee circularized the orbit.
    Tony Beresford
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