Re: Observed EAS (ISS deb), mag. +4 to +4.5 brightest

From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Sun Aug 05 2007 - 20:12:04 EDT

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    --- Marco Langbroek <> wrote:
    > Hi all,
    > At 21:02 UTC I observed, naked eye, the EAS tank recently ejected from the ISS 
    > (that is: the one SSC *currently* designates as EAS: 98-067BA, #31928).
    Excellent. Means my thoughts on it being seen with the eye on a good pass, was ok. 
    When I captured the pass of the EAS and VSSA on video back in July, I was bothered by the way they
    appeared. VSSA, I had observed during the release during the spacetrack was flashing nicely, while
    the EAS was not flashing as nicely. In the video I called the EAS, a nice flashing object was
    spotted, making me have the feeling it was really the VSSA, not the EAS. Later when the object
    that was called the VSSA passes by, it appreared bright, like I had the feeling the EAS should be.
    I fiqured I should keep my mouth shut back then, as the spacetrack people where calling them, what
    they were calling them then.
    But now that spacetrack has fixed the cat numbers, the nice flashing object was the VSSA, like I
    had a feeling it was. So I'll go fix the cat numbers on the video.
    All I know is, at least I observed both, back in July.
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