Endeavour...concern after backflip.....

From: John Locker (john@satcom.freeserve.co.uk)
Date: Sat Aug 11 2007 - 05:44:32 EDT

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    UK TV is reporting a "gash" in the thermal tiles around the area of the u/c 
    door on the starboard wing. , revealed after the backflip video was 
    I suspect that this is typical exageration as I havnt seen the hi def images 
    I'd appreciate comments re the following
    ................which shows my intepretation of the shuttle from the images 
    I took on Thursday evening.
    There's a noticeable lighter area around the door......which has been 
    puzzling  . I first thought it was simply image artifact , but the same area 
    is present in a handful of images.
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