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From: Derek C Breit (
Date: Wed Aug 19 2009 - 23:00:08 UTC

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    Having updated my elements and planning on observing tonight, I immediately
    see the issue you are having with this satellite. Obviously my "suggestion"
    doesn't really fit with this situation...
    I have some good passes of 28054 in the next few days, so I could help if
    you wish. I know nothing about searching, but I can go with wide field video
    and hit it if it is within, say, 4 degrees of predicted..
    Thanks to all who have commented on planar searches; perhaps I should
    clarify. When searching, I will use a non-guided Dobsonian or 12x60
    binoculars. I often do just "sit" on the star the sat should pass. Recently
    I have started trying to guess displacement from that star based on time
    early or late (eg 1 degree west of star for about 4 minutes early - pretty
    close since I am at 36N latitude.
    If this is an approach to a planar search, then I think I get it. If I'm
    missing something, please let me know.
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