Lacrosse 5 crosses paths with a plane

Date: Thu Aug 05 2010 - 05:32:59 UTC

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    Tonight (8/4/10) there was a chance observation that was quite surprising to see - I was out photographing a close alignment of Mars, Saturn and Venus at about 9:50 PM CDT when, as I looked to the north, I saw a bright satellite (Lacrosse 5 I believe) and a distant jet plane appear to cross paths [[exactly]]. The satellite split the two very closely spaced red dots that made up what I could see of the plane. The plane was heading northward and the satellite generally east. 
    At the time I first thought that two planes were about to collide! It was quite a sight. Reminds me of the 'easy to entertain' thrill I get when I see a plane cross in front of the moon by chance. At the moment of the crossover there was another jet maybe 4 degrees away as well. Two close alignments in one night.  
    If interested, here's what I photographed:
    Tom  Iowa  USA
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