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Date: Fri Aug 06 2010 - 09:33:14 UTC

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    I can recommend mediaWiki, It's very good at security and vandalism
    prevention (as George suggests).  It has a wide array of plug-ins, and
    probably most importantly, is easy to update for non-technical users.  It's
    main competition is Twiki, which I've not used, but know is also well
    respected.  Either would suite this community very well, allowing for a
    more collaborative future.  I think the next thing would be to migrate the
    mailing list away from hypermail, to something that supports RSS feeds :)
    In practical terms, whoever runs the webserver for needs to
    review the versions of Apache, PHP and MySQL (or similar), and upgrade to
    the latest stable builds if they are not fairly recent.  Once that is done,
    the chosen wiki system can be installed and accessed via a url without
    interfering with current operations of the Seesat-L list, or the existing  A community program of migration can then begin and once
    everyone is comfortable, the domain can be redirected to point at the wiki
    front page.
    This is probably one of the few areas I can actually contribute to
    the community, I'd be happy to help :)
    On Thu, Aug 5, 2010 at 4:57 PM, George Roberts <> wrote:
    > It's really up to Ted.  If you've never installed wiki software it can be
    > daunting to choose which one to use and to follow the instructions.  If
    > you've done it a few times it only takes 5 minutes to create an empty wiki.
    > Once the wiki exists I'd be happy to start by transferring ted's current
    > content to the new pages.  I'm too loyal to Ted to start my own or use
    > someone else's.  It would be best if it was on the same website but again
    > it's up to Ted and he probably doesn't "have the time".
    > - George Roberts
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    > > This is a great idea.  How do we begin?
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    > > Scott Campbell
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    > > Subject: Re: website
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    > >> If it was a wiki we could all update it and ted wouldn't have to.  And
    > >> with
    > >> wiki's if someone vandalizes a page I would get an email and I would fix
    > >> it
    > >> quickly.
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    > >> - George Roberts
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