Re: Admin: policy for reporting high resolution ground-based imagery of Earth satellites

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Date: Thu Aug 12 2010 - 04:38:59 UTC

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    Although I pretty much only lurk here and don't get to do much
    if any sat observing of my own, I also agree with option 2 in
    addition to David's suggestion.
    I would go so far as to say it is a requirement to always provide
    raw frames. That way, others can do their own processing. This
    has multiple benefits.
    1> Eliminates any argument of trickery or over-processing.
        This will help establish good rapport amongst contributors.
    2> Allows confirmation of suggested details through a peer-
        review like process (always good science practice).
    3> Permits individuals/groups to share, discuss, and improve
        upon enhancement techniques.
    4> By allowing all parties to use the same source data,
        meaningful comparisons can be made of different processing
    5> As processing techniques improve, it will be easier to go
        back to previous raw data for the purpose of re-analysis.
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