Re: Optical 24 August 2010-part 1

From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Wed Aug 25 2010 - 15:15:02 UTC

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    Hi Kevin
    All noted - agree things are quieter at night and when I do observe in the 
    am hours its really nice, but I reckon Ive had more than my share of night 
    work in my profession and now that Im getting old I find that the body needs 
    its sleep, so wait - your time is coming!!  Besides in this country I live 
    in you are liable to encounter unwelcome visitors in your back yard as the 
    police chase criminals over the fence and across your property!  Ive put up 
    a deliberate maze of old antennas etc and cables in the "passage way" that 
    they seem to frequent - anyone coming through there at high speed is liable 
    to do himself an injury - needless to say Ive tripped over the cables 
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