Nanosail-D image

From: Mike McCants (
Date: Tue Aug 16 2011 - 21:30:24 UTC

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    There is a pretty image of a pass of NanoSail-D on the
    web pages of Becky Ramotowski:
    This was a 60 second exposure on Aug 15 at 20:47 MDT.
    That is Aug. 16 at 2:47 UT.  The exposure was taken
    with a Nikon D70 with an F/4 lens of 24mm focal length.
    She is in New Mexico at lat 34.98N long 106.26W.
    It appears to me that there is some variation in the brightness
    of the flashes in the first half (left) of the image and that
    there is less variation in the brightness in the right half.
    Mike McCants
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