Forget EGP.. What the heck did I videotape??

From: Derek C Breit (
Date: Thu Aug 18 2011 - 05:54:39 UTC

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    I videotaped an AWESOME flasher across the sky..
    Just before EGP was to arrive where I was pointed, I see a flash.. Maybe a
    cosmic ray, but I'll look.. And it flashes again, so I start to follow it.. 
    It pretty much follows the path of 23975 (Pegasus DEB) from Zubenescamali to
    It's flashing to easy naked eye (but I am watching the 29" monitor) every 4
    seconds. But in the middle of this pass, the thing goes off, flashing
    madly.. and let's up, does it again, and then returns to it's normal 4
    second flashing and finishes the pass..
    The middle of the pass was like a fireworks finale. 
    This is a great video!
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