RE: New Video- NOSS 3-4 A/C in formation

From: Derek C Breit (
Date: Sun Aug 21 2011 - 15:12:53 UTC

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    LOL.. At the end of the video, it appears there is a solitary tree way off
    on the ridge. I actually intend on looking for that tree, as I have lived
    here three years and have never seen it..
    I think it may not actually be on the ridge, but rather I think it is new
    growth on the Apricot Tree in the front yard. I think this, because if you
    look earlier, by M6, you see a vertical edge on the right side of the video
    that does not exist on the ridge.
    I trimmed that tree when I moved in so it wouldn't block my Southern sky.
    Seems like it might be time to whack it again...
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    I agree now - I could see the "horizontal" tree edge by turning up contrast
    and brightness, but increasing contrast further a small "blob" appears at
    that spot (pine tree?)
    Björn wrote:
    > > It seems the leader becomes "invisible" at 04:19:17 and the trailer at
    > > 04:19:21. I never saw that effect on NOSSes.
    > I believe they were obscured briefly by tree foliage.
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