Flares Copernicus (6153) and SL-3 R/B (11822)

From: José Luis Ruiz via Seesat-l <seesat-l_at_satobs.org>
Date: Sat, 20 Aug 2016 09:42:53 +0200
Persistent mist and humidity close to 100%
Today the prominent flare was SL-3 R/B (11822), mirrors 57.2º, 110.3º at
its maximum of magnitude 0 and reddish. Time between 04:37 UTC and 04:38 UTC
A Copernicus I watch whenever I can. Today made a flare 2-3 seconds of
magnitude between +0.5 and +1 close to the star Betelgeuse. Time to 03:56
UTC. Mirrors 50.7º, 71.0º
until 02:53 UTC - 2:54 UTC have seen rapid satellite +4 magnitude not far
from Auriga. The closest thing I've found is 28785, but too late, and how
has only been naked eye, little more can I say.
Following the advice of Jon, I will leave approximately the center of the
roof, though not exactly the place of observation:

3602   36.8390ºN, 2.4498ºW, 30 m.
José Luis Ruiz Gómez
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