Re: What sat pair did I see Lunar transit just now?

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Thanks for replies so far.
I suspected the Cosmos sats weren't the ones.Sat pairs have much greater spacing than 5 arcseconds from what I have filmed previous.
My recorder had a 2second preroll which allowed the last bit of the pass of the objects through the frame, only one can be seen still in frame.I posted a 4 second clip. The first frame has the brightly lit object in lower left, so I recommend pausing, slowing to .25x and scrubbing to 0 to play over and over again.
If anyone else doesn't have an orbiter theory, it seems it is too bright and fast for that time of night and close.Maybe something terrestrial, though 2 things stand against plane theory:speed and trajectory don't make sense,and camera gain was up enough to get faint Earthglow off unlit part of Moon,so from my experience shooting planes at night if the two objects were lights on a plane, the fuselage would have been visible.Colorgraded to get dynamic range across overexposed Moon. Shot 4K 30fps, note freeze frames shows an extended object due to motion blur, not actual feature of object.


    On Tuesday, August 1, 2017 1:39 AM, Mike McCants via Seesat-l <> wrote:

 The coordinates of Gamma Libra are 15Hr 35.5Mn -14.8 (2000)

The Meteor M2 object passed close to that location at
about 2:28:42 UT.  Its predicted magnitude at a range of
about 950 miles was about 6th magnitude.

It would have moved an appropriate angular distance in about 2 seconds.
There does not seem to be any other object near that spot at that time.

About how long did you observed these objects?

The two Glonass objects were separated from each other by about 5 minutes in time and
did not seem to go near the expected position.

At a range of 13000 miles, they should have been too faint for you to
be able to observe them that close to the moon.

Of course one obvious possibility is simply an airplane.

Mike McCants

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