ISS shape visual observing

From: Paolo Morini Gmail via Seesat-l <>
Date: Tue, 6 Aug 2019 13:16:40 +0200
    Hi All,

Saturday night 3 Aug from Ravenna-Italy I have got the chance to observe visually a ISS pass.

Quite low in the SW horizon, I have observed with a 100 mm binoculars with 70x eyepieces.

As soon as the ISS was entering Earth shadow, and dimmed in somehow 2-3 seconds due to atmosphere, I saw very clearly the rectangular shape of the solar panels.

It was my first time and I was thrilled!


Yesterday evening (Monday 5 Aug) I have observed another ISS pass from home (always Ravenna), with my 85 mm refractor and a 9 mm eyepiece, giving 67x.

The eyepiece was an Ultra Wide Angle and the true field was a bit more than 1°.

I got the ISS aiming a green laser attached to the telescope as a finder and then running at the eyepiece.

I followed the ISS for 2 minutes and saw clearly the rectangular shape.

The transit was during twilight, so the contrast at the eyepiece wasn’t very hard and the observation was easier respect to the former one.

In the best moment the height was 40°, roughly a 600 km distance and a 35” apparent dimension, a bit little than Jupiter.

The tracking was manual with a Vixen Porta altaz mount, and the smoothness of the mount is very important – the more the tracking is regular, the more you get details from the image.


Clear skies


       Paolo Morini 



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