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From: Brad Young via Seesat-l <>
Date: Thu, 8 Aug 2019 23:49:00 +0000 (UTC)
All images bad, 36 satellite, 3 variable stars, 56 minor planet.

Had a few folks ask for certain satellites, in this forum and others. I look at anything that is available to image - probably way more than I should (ask the analysts). If it ain't posted, I couldn't see it.

Same thing happens with minor planets. Observatories (!) are asking me to track minor planets for photometry and spectroscopy because they lack the resources. And I am far from the only one doing this. Citizen science is the new normal.

If you can post to this list, you can get a remote telescope account and image satellites. I had never done any imaging when I started.

Please do not cry "Play Free Bird!" when you can rent (or even get a free) guitar.

Brad Young Visual:
10 x 50 binoculars
Meade ETX-125 
22" f/4.2 UC Obsession
COSPAR 8336 =TULSA1 +36.139208,-95.983429 660ft, 201m
COSPAR 8335 =TULSA2 +35.8311  -96.1411 1083ft, 330m
Remote Imaging:
MPC I89 COSPAR 7777 38.165653 -2.326735 5150ft, 1650m Nerpio, Spain
MPC Q62 COSPAR 7778 -31.2733 149.0644 3400ft, 1122m Siding Spring, NSW, Australia 
MPC H06 COSPAR 7779 32.92 -105.528 7298ft, 2225m Mayhill, New Mexico USA 
MPC U69 COSPAR 7780 37.07 -119.4 4610ft, 1405m Auberry CA USA
MPC 323 COSPAR 7782 -32.008 116.135 984ft, 300m Perth, WA, Australia 
MPC Q67 COSPAR 7784 -33.3967 149.4917 2081ft, 650m Bathurst NSW, Australia 
MPC W76 COSPAR 7785 -30.45 -70.75 5151 ft, 1570m Chacay, Chile

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