Re: USA 224 imagery of Damaged Iranian launch site tweeted by Trump?

From: Marco Langbroek via Seesat-l <>
Date: Sat, 31 Aug 2019 18:24:32 +0200
I used STK and USA 224 elset 19239.00965638 to reconstruct and compare the view
from the satellite to the launch site. That yieded a very similar result for
09:44:22 UT.

Comparison of the real satellite image and simulated view is here:

(note that the tweet is a correction on an earlier result)

Start of the tweet thread is here:

Basically, I measured the ellipticity of the circular launch platform on the
oblique image, and used that to reconstruct the viewing elevation angle. Then
looked up to what time and azimuth that corresponded for  USA 224, and had STK
render an iamge of how the launch site would look from that satellite position.

There is a very close match, so in my mind there is no doubt that this image was
taken by USA 224.

Nominal values I get are:

09:44:21.7 UTC
azimuth 194.85 deg
elevation 46.03 deg
range 384.5 km
altitude 283 km

Cees Bassa got a very similar result for azimuth and elevation last night.

- Marco

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