Re: Nov.21 fireball--meteor or debris?

Thomas Ashcraft (
30 Nov 95 11:15:16 EST

On November 21, 1995, there was a fireball event over the US Rocky Mountain
state of Colorado that was large enough to make a sonic boom.  The object
reportedly traveled north to south from Wyoming through Colorado and on to

Using forward scatter radio methods, I received the event and timed it beginning
at 09:20:37 UT. There was a second event at 09:33 UT as well with a similar
radio signature.

I am wondering if this object could have been reentring debris rather than a
natural meteor?  Any information on this is appreciated. 

Also, I radio observe for meteors, fireballs, and any anomalous activity over
the north American Great Plains states from the Dakotas down into Texas. If
anyone would ever like to investigate fireball events as possibly being debris
related please feel free to contact me. I keep a 24 hour a day chart record and
also audio record with universal time stamp.  I imagine that some fireballs I
receive are debris related.  

It seems important for astronomical purposes to to be able distinguish the
various species of fireballs.

Tom Ashcraft
Radio Fireball Observatory
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Santa Fe, New Mexico    U S A