Re: Flash

Sat, 02 Dec 1995 19:24:05 +0100 (CET)

Kurt Jonckheere replied to Jay Respler's questions :

>>Now I have some questions.
>>The cover of FLASH magazine has STS and a Russian spacecraft.
>>What is KUNSTMANEN ?
>As you can read on the Web-pages, Flash is the monthly 

URL is
New issues of Flash are currently not published on the Web, since
Kurt Jonckheere and Tristan Cools temporarily took over editorship of 
Flash (and are doing a good job at it too).

>If you want to receive Flash look at the web-pages 
>or contact me to know how to pay. Costs for 1996 are
>20 US$.

Americans can pay for Flash by sending a cheque of 20 US $
to Mike McCants, 5105 Crestway Dr., Austin, TX 78731, USA.
Mike is also at
Most of that 20 $ goes to postal fees, the Flash 1996 volume will
contain at least 180 pages.

>Hope this non-observational info didn't bored most of
>you too much...

Jay gave us a good excuse for plugging Flash. Thanks, Jay :-)

I will be in the San Francisco Bay Area for the next three weeks, so my
e-mail access will be limited. I hope SeeSat-L behaves itself. It would
be nice if I could meet some of you while I'm in the States. If anyone
is interested in getting together, I look forward to hearing from you.

   Bart De Pontieu,