moon related objects

Tristan Cools (
Sun, 3 Dec 1995 17:43:44 +0100

Now that the re-entry of 71-16A/4966 is eminent, it is maybe interesting to
ask what kind of satellite Kosmos 382=70-103A=4786 is.  I only know that
71-16A/4966 was the second T2K moonlander test made by the USSR.  The first
T2K moonlander launched in Earth Orbit was Kosmos 379(70-99A) and it already
re-entered on Sep 21 1983.
The only information that I have about 70-103A is that it was a manned Moon
related test.  The RAE table tells us that it could be a sphere of about 5m

Remember that 71-16A and 70-103A are both objects of the BWGS.  I would
encourage everyone who has the chance to observe 71-16A in those last days
of its life not to hesitate to do so.  I wonder if any flashes or variations
could be visible.(I last saw it in april 95 with a long period of about 65s.)

Tristan Cools(