Wed, 6 Dec 95 05:48:00 UTC 0000

The December IRC schedule for channel #astronomy where astronomer's
gather from far and near to chat real-time about astronomy (of course!) is as

    EVERY Sunday at 2000 UT  (Universal Time or GMT) Read on for U.S. time

    Dec 3, 10, 17, 24, and 31.
    2000 UT =   3 pm Eastern Standard Time
            =   2 pm CST
            =   1 pm MST
            =  12 noon PST

Many events are occurring during December, not least of which is the
Galileo encounter with Jupiter scheduled for Dec 7. I know we are all
anticipating a successful conclusion to this epic journey and are
looking forward to the great scientific information it will provide.
Follow it with NASA, on the NET, and/or TV and let's talk about it on
IRC's channel #astronomy.

Everyone with an astronomical interest is invited to the channel - and
whether it's this coming Sunday or on Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve,
you are encouraged to join in and share your thoughts or questions on
astronomy and the aspect of astronomy that you enjoy.   Or, if you just
want to cruise by the channel and listen in on the sessions, that's ok

Have A Great Astronomical Holiday Season!
Hope to meet you on IRC.


>Subject: Re: Space Junk
>>The ascent stage of LEM for Apollo 9 (known as 69-18C I think) rmained in low
>>Earth orbit until 1984. I observed it several times, crawling across my
>To Russell,
>According to the RAE table it decayed on Oct 23 1981.  Is this an error from
>the RAE-table ?

The Satellite Catalog has the same date do I would guess it is correct.

Freehold, New Jersey