New member

Wed, 06 Dec 95 12:57:00 -0600

I subscribed to seesat-l yesterday, and this morning's mail already has
choice messages from Ted Molczan and others about juicy satellite news.
This is wonderful!  How have I made it so long without seesat-l???

I'm an amateur astronomer whose curiosity was piqued by the glints of
light I could see sailing across the sky after sundown, so I determined
that I wanted to find out more about satellites.  That was in 1985, and
not long afterward Sky & Telescope ran a series about satellite
observing which gave me the basic groundwork to get started.  I found
Jim Hale, of Arkansas, who was sending out an ASO ("Amateur Satellites
Observers") newsletter full of orbital elements and current news, and
got a computer program from him.  Back then I had to manually type in
dozens of TLE's from his newsletter every month!

Does anyone know what Jim Hale is doing now?

At any rate, satellite observing has become a favorite pastime of mine,
and I give talks about it to astronomy clubs and other groups with
evangelical zeal.  Even now I'm starting up a new column on satellite
observing in the Birmingham Astronomical Society's newsletter.  I live
near Birmingham, Alabama.

So I'm thrilled to have found a group like this and I'm eager to gather
any satellite gossip you propagate.