History of Satellite Fragmentations

Fri, 8 Dec 1995 00:37:34 -0500

I found an interesting document on microfiche called "History of
On-Orbit Satellite Fragmentations" by David J. Nauer, 6th Ed.,
July 1992.  It was prepared by Teledyne Brown Engineering under
contract to NASA.

The document's purpose is to classify space debris by cause and
source.  There are some juicy parts that discuss debris resulting
from residual propellant explosions, "anomalous" satellite breakups,
space weapons testing and even an identified accidental collision.
Among the objects mentioned is a "J-flasher" and SeaSat.

If you've ever used a microfiche machine, you know that the quality
of the prints are poor.  Any attempt at scanning the document
electronically would be futile.  So, the only way I can share this
with all of you is to type it manually.

Would you like for me to post some highlights from this
document to SeeSat?  Or is this document old news to you?  I'll be
glad to post some citations if I hear enough interest out there.

Good Passes,

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