Sun, 10 Dec 95 07:46:00 UTC 0000

Thanks to everyone who answered my questions about the Flash cover.

Everything was answered except this one:

What does the # 94-42 on the spacecraft represent?

Anyone know what that is?


There was a question recently about orbit #'s.   Here's a comment that was
on RPV:

02 DEC 95  I've received a number of queries about the orbit number for
           MIR. Seems that it dropped about 1000 orbits recently! This
           does NOT reflect some radical maneuver; rather, USSPACECOM
           is notorious for being somewhat casual about orbit numbers.
           Since the orbit number has nothing to do with an object's
           position, USSPACECOM is occasionally somewhat arbitrary in
           assigning the number and typos slip in and are seldom if ever

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