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Subject: HST;   Astro IRC

>     I must be missing something here... how could Hubble ever make a
>"high overhead pass" from New Jersey?

I had said:
"This is a response that I got on GEnie, to a question from Mike about flares
from HST:"

The response was from R.Reeves.  He is in San Antonio, Texas.  That is where
he made the observation.   Unfortunately, I don't get to see such good
passes from here in New Jersey.



With my new Internet capability I have tried IRC for the first time.
This allows LIVE real-time talk among users.  There is an astronomy group
that meets every Sunday at 20:00 UT (#astronomy).  I brought up the subject
of satellites and some of the folks seemed interested.  If any of you would
like to talk live, join in on Sundays.  Let me know if you are interested
and need more information.
Freehold, New Jersey