RE: WWW Page - GSFC, TLE, Shuttle, and software.

Jeff Hunt (
Sun, 10 Dec 95 12:08:57 EST

I checked out Dave Cottle's web page (  
Very nice!  I can't believe I had to go all the way to Australia (Land 
of Oz?) to find the latest version of Dave Ransom's STSPLUS (ver 9548). It 
only took about 6 minutes to download both zip files via my web 
browser (14.4k modem).  I don't nomally use BBS's and Dave's web page was 
the first I've seen to have the new version of STSPLUS.  I wasn't able to 
connect to today to check out their latest 
version on file.  I know this is off topic, but thanks Dave & Dave!
Jeff Hunt, Charlotte Hall, Md.  38.51N, 76.76W