STS-74 reentry path
Sun, 10 Dec 1995 12:47:36 -0500

STS-74 took the first landing opportunity, which was not favorable for us in
Colorado.  The NASA TV narrator described the reentry path of STS-74 as:
 Northeast tip of Montana, Central North Dakota, Southeast Minnesota, Central
Illinois, Southwest Indiana and Kentucky, Central Tennessee, Northwest to
Southeast Georgia, Florida Coast.  Here is a timeline for the orbiter
landing, STS-74 mission, compiled from the videotape of the NASA TV
feed at the time.  Latitude and Longitude are my estimates from the
available computer graphics, and altitude, speed and range were specified
by the NASA narrator.  They do not perfectly match the limited data I've seen
from the Shuttle Web page, Status at a Glance.  They do convey the steep
approach and rapid deceleration, and will hopefully be useful for future
viewing opportunities.  Cheers, Dan Laszlo

Min to touchdown     Lat     Long     Altitude     Speed     Range to KSC

31min     ----     -----     -----     370,000ft     -----     4084nm
27m40s     56.25N     150.0W     -----     -----     -----     -----
25m        54N     135.0W     242,000ft     16,600mph     2700nm
23m30s     51.43N     120.0W     232,000ft     16,200mph     2300nm
21m25s     49.55N     105.0W     222,000ft     15,500mph     1900nm
19m10s     -----     -----     225,000ft     14,600mph     1550nm
-----     45.0N     94W     -----     -----     -----     
16m20s      -----     -----     -----     12,500mph     1000nm
13m10s     35.86N     85.21W     178,000ft     8,800mph     532nm
11m10s     -----     -----     152,000ft     5,800mph     278nm
10m10s     "Central Georgia"     137,000ft     4,600mph     218nm
09m20s     -----     -----     125,000ft     3,800mph     170nm
07m20s     -----     -----     91,000ft     2,300mph     80nm
06m        -----     -----     75,000ft     1300mph     60nm
05m        -----     -----     65,000ft     960mph     -----
04m     -----     -----     49,000ft     650mph     25nm
03m18s  sonic booms at Cape     34,000     550mph     -----
02m        -----     -----     17,000ft     422mph     -----
01m30s     -----     -----     12,000ft     400mph     -----
01m        -----     -----     6400ft     -----     3nm