Maxus 2 was seen in Finland

Sun, 10 Dec 95 18:35:00 +0200


    Again a great rocket launch which was observed in Finland.
    According to the European Space Agency the Maxus 2 sounding rocket
    was launched from Northern Sweden, Kiruna on November 28, 1995.
    The rocket carried eight microgravity experiments and the payload
    underwent microgravity conditions for almost 13 minutes. The Maxus 2
    lift-off occurred at 10.42 CET (09.42 UTC).

    This sounding rocket like many previous launches was also seen
    in Finland. The first observation was made by Janne Soutukorva
    in Muonio. "The time was about 10.40 CET when I saw a long trail
    in the low western sky. The phenomenon moved up with a bright
    spot at the top of the trail. When I tried to find my binoculars
    the bright spot was disappeared and I saw only the trail in the
    sky. The Swedish Television make a short review about the Maxus
    rocket launch later in the evening."

    The second observation was made by Pekka Sallinen in Kiuruvesi.
    He has taken several photos about the mysterious trail in the
    western sky.

    As you may know we have very special light conditions in Northern
    Finland like Muonio. During a period in winter time the Sun is not
    above horizon or the Sun's altitude is very low. This makes possible
    to see these kinds of daytime phenomena in Finland.

    Leo Wikholm
    Ursa Astronomical Association
    Helsinki, Finland