Re: Elset typing errors

Dave Cappellucci (
Wed, 13 Dec 1995 19:38:51 +0000

>I think the problem with the extra decimal point in elsets
>recently, and the reply given, illustrates a fundamental
>weakness in OIG elset handling :
>Elsets are treated as two lines of text, instead of as a collection of
>numeric fields in a database. If they were numerics, they could be
>exported to the .dat and .tle files with standard formatting.
>(They might also be tested for at least some additional weaknesses)

The use of TLEs is dictated by NORAD.  The two line format was orginally 
called the two-card format and goes clear back to the times when elsets were 
entered onto punched cards.  I doubt that the format will change any time in 
the near future given the fact that there are many legacy systems around the 
world that still use cards.  People have been urging for years that the 
satellite numbers be increased from 5 digits to 6 digits.  This simple 
change has been resisted for years due to cost.  IHMO, I doubt that you will 
see any change in format any time in the near future.
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