Re: Elset typing errors
Fri, 15 Dec 1995 10:30:09 +0100

I don't know if I can't express my thoughts clearly, or if I
misunderstand your answer :

>I think (there is) a fundamental weakness in OIG elset handling :
>Elsets are treated as two lines of text, instead of as a collection of
>numeric fields in a database.....

Dave Cappellucci replied:

The use of TLEs is dictated by NORAD. .....    IHMO, I doubt that
you will see any change in format any time in the near future.

I am not asking for ANY change in format - quite the opposite !
I was trying to suggest that OIG should read the values they
receive/"punch" as numeric values into the database, so that
no non-numerics can possibly enter the system (in those fields),
and that the elsets disseminated are formatted by the numeric
output formatter of the database/programming language.
This way, all sporadic leding zeroes, plus signs, extra spaces
and whatever..., could be eliminated, and the format strictly
maintained !

IMHO, NORAD does not dictate that NASA must send out typing
errors and personal formatting flavors.

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