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Sat, 16 Dec 1995 15:34:31 +0100

Tag's Broadcasting Services                                December 15th, 1995
Jean-Philippe Donnio                                              Caen, France


A new version of The Satellite's Encyclopedia was released on December 15th.
TSE, the electronic encyclopedia devoted to satellite is revised every three
months to remain the global reference in satellite technology.

The Satellite's Encyclopedia is a hypertext document which can be read on
any computer with Windows 3.1x, Windows 95 and Windows NT. With over 2500
pages it provides information on 1700 satellites classified by country,
mission, program, launch vehicle, etc.

As a growing reference TSE has focused on telecommunication satellites;
every GEO telecommunication satellite is detailed, 225 EIRP footprints are
included and geostationary satellites are summarized in a large chart.

The second major evolution of The Satellite's Encyclopedia is the launcher
section which is being rethought. Launchers are the key to space access more
than satellites these days and a global understanding of rockets is necessary.

TSE is written by a team of specialists in various fields with the help of
contributors around the world. Firms contributions (satellite manufacturers
& operators) are on the extended as TSE reaches an important part of their
current and potential clients.

The Satellite's Encyclopedia is available on computer networks as a
shareware. A full version is available for $36 and a 4-issue subscription is
worth $56. You can get more information and download the shareware version
from the Internet at

Tag's Broadcasting Services which publish The Satellite's Encyclopedia is
involved in information broadcasting and satellite consultancy.
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