Re: Where's Mir?
Tue, 19 Dec 95 18:44:19 gmt

Hello Jim!

Here is the answer from Chris vd. Berg:


Orbit correction: On 9.12.1995 at 1800UTC the engines of Progress-M29 gave
an impulse which corrected the orbit of the complex. The apogee became 4 NM
higher. So a 2nd orbit correction might be possible. After the first
correction the following Kepler elements could be used: Epoch: 345.28942709
Decay: 0.00000911   Inc. 51.6447 Raan: 350.4978  Ecc: 0.0006124  Arg. Per.:
89.4677 MA: 270.7022  MM: 15.57457538 Orb. nr. 56056.


Regards : Ivan