Re: Where's Mir?

Josh R. Williams (
Tue, 19 Dec 1995 19:35:24 -0500 (EST)

I heard Mir go over my location today and I watched it on my computer 
screen at the same time... I was using the latest TLE's and the station 
was 5 minutes early... My program is always within one second of the 
actual location of the craft and today my scanner was picking up the 
signal about 5-6 minutes before it came into my radio range... Any other 
Mir confusion out there?

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On Tue, 19 Dec 1995, Dave Mullenix wrote:

> >I looked for Mir on Dec. 14th using a TLE dated 342.555 and didn't see
> >anything.  It may have been in eclipse, but Traksat said it should be in
> >sunlight until after it passed over my area.  It's been cloudy ever
> >since so I haven't been able to look for it since then.  But a friend
> >in Memphis looked for it on Dec. 16th and saw nothing at the predicted
> >time, but between 5 and 10 minutes later a bright satellite passed
> >over.  It wasn't Progress, since Progress had not been launched yet.
> It's been cloudy here too, but I listened to it come over last Saturday and
> it was about ten minutes late then too.  I think the orbital elements are
> off. 
> Mir just reboosted, but according to reports they only raised their orbit
> by a few km.  Maybe they've fired their rockets again?
> Dave Mullenix